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June 2015 Archives

Child care worker accused of prescription drug fraud

Michigan residents might be interested to learn about a day care provider in Minnesota who is facing criminal charges for drug possession and fraud. In February, the woman allegedly attempted to use the same prescription for tramadol at multiple pharmacies. The accused woman was a co-owner of Little Sprouts Daycare but is no longer part of the facility.

Teen faces allegations of car theft and impersonating FBI agent

A teenager who allegedly stole a car from a car dealership in Michigan and crashed it in Ohio received a dismissal of charges that had been issued in the latter state. During the incident, the 17-year-old passed himself off as an FBI agent. Since he is a juvenile, the Ohio prosecutor decided that the allegations will be better handled in Michigan where he will be charged as an adult.

The process of a DWI arraignment

While there are many stages to the court process when a person has been charged with a crime, those who are accused of DWI in Michigan might not make it past an arraignment. This procedure usually takes place within days of an arrest, and a criminal court judge presides over the proceedings. The judge reads the charges against a defendant and then asks about a defendant's legal counsel and plea. If the defendant does not have an attorney, a court-appointed attorney could be provided. A judge may alter a bail amount or release a defendant before announcing the dates for future proceedings.

Officials announce initiative to reduce gun crime in Michigan

Federal courts often hand out stiffer penalties to those convicted of a violent crime than Michigan law would allow, and representatives of some federal law enforcement agencies were joined by the mayor of Detroit on June 1 to announce an initiative against gun violence that could see more of the city's violent offenders facing federal sanctions. Detroit has been the scene of approximately 1,500 shootings in each of the last three years, and it hoped that a public awareness campaign highlighting the federal mandatory minimum sentences for gun crimes will help to lower this number.

4 men face charges for drug overdose deaths

On May 29, federal prosecutors announced that four Michigan men were charged for distributing heroin and other drugs that led to the overdose deaths of three individuals. If they are convicted of the drug crimes, three of the defendants could face life in prison. The case is one example of how federal prosecutors around the country are using enhanced penalties against drug traffickers when an overdose death occurs.

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