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August 2015 Archives

Michigan increases patrols to control drunk driving

According to reports, law enforcement agencies across Michigan were scheduled to beef up patrols in an attempt to crack down on impaired drivers and to enforce seat belt safety. The initiative, known the Drive Sober or Get Pulled Over, was scheduled to occur as college and university students begin their fall semester and conclude on Sept. 7. The federally funded annual campaign began in 2013 in conjunction with Michigan's Strategic Highway Safety Plan. Those involved in the effort include state and local law enforcement officials and sheriffs.

Flying drugs across the border

Michigan residents might not know about some of the ways alleged drug smugglers attempt to bring illegal drugs into the country, but a U.S. attorney in California said that drug traffickers have tried using fishing boats, tunnels and jet skis in the past. One of the latest attempts involves using a drone to fly drugs into the United States.

NBA Hawks forward hit with felony drug charges

NBA fans in Michigan may be wondering what the 2015-16 professional basketball season will bring for the Atlanta Hawks after the arrest of forward Mike Scott, 27, for felony possession of marijuana and a Schedule 1 drug. He was arrested during a traffic stop while a passenger in his brother's car. According to police, they initiated the stop because the vehicle was tailgating another car.

Court says drug-sniffing dog wrong almost half the time

In a case that may interest Michigan readers, a federal court has ruled that a police dog's drug-sniffing skills are less than impressive. The decision, which was handed down by the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 7th Circuit, could potentially influence future drug cases involving K-9 searches.

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