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March 2016 Archives

Penalties in weapon-free school zones

Some areas in Michigan are designated as weapon-free school zones. In order to fully understand these laws, the term "school" as used in this phrase must be defined. Under state law, a school is considered any school that offers grades 1-12, kindergarten or developmental kindergarten that is either public or private and may be parochial or denominational. For the purposes of this law, school zones include vehicles used to bring children to these schools as well as any property where school-sponsored events occur.

Woman with tree embedded in her car charged with DUI

Criminal defense attorneys in Michigan and other parts of the country sometimes seek to have drunk driving charges against their clients dismissed because the police officers involved may have lacked the probable cause needed to pull a vehicle over, but this strategy is unlikely to be used by attorneys representing an Illinois woman who was stopped by police on Jan. 23. According to police in Roselle, the woman's car was stopped because it had a 15-foot tree lodged in its radiator grill.

NFL star may be prosecuted for domestic assault

NFL fans in Michigan may know Johnny Manziel as a quarterback who can hurt his opponents by both passing and running the ball, but it is the former Heisman Trophy winner's questionable decision making that has been making headlines recently. The Cleveland Browns, who used a first round pick to select Manziel in 2014, insisted that their star quarterback enter a drug and alcohol rehabilitation facility after he behaved erratically during his first season with the team, and news coming out of Dallas on Feb. 25 indicates that the 23-year-old signal caller may face charges of domestic assault.

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