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May 2017 Archives

Michigan probate administration: Movement in Prince case

Few people in Michigan and elsewhere have the type of assets that music icon Prince left behind when he died. However, this is still a case from which people can learn. Without a valid estate plan in place, probate administration can take a long time.

Michigan estate planning: Don't forget to fund a trust

Creating a trust takes a lot of time and effort. Unfortunately, there are those in Michigan and elsewhere who, after leaving their attorney's office, fail to take the steps necessary to fund their trusts. Do not make this estate planning mistake.

Michigan estate planning: Making a valid will

While everyone may not need or even want a will, for those who do, having one in place is a great way to make sure that their estates are protected at the time of their deaths. Creating a will, a valid will, can take time, but it is time that may be considered well spent if it means that the document is legally binding. Michigan residents who need help with this can turn to an estate planning attorney in order to make sure they have done all that is necessary to create a valid document.

Trust administration is not a walk in the park for the trustee

When one is named the trustee for a trust, there is a lot of responsibility that comes with that title. Trust administration is not necessarily a walk in the park. A wrong move or a bad decision can come back to bite the trustee in more ways than one. Those in Michigan who are named trustees can take steps to protect themselves should any issues arise when administering a trust.

3 tips to follow as an executor of an estate

If you have accepted the role of executor of an estate, you might feel a mixture of honor and stress. It can be easy to get overwhelmed with the process, as administering an estate is a lofty responsibility. Taking some simple proactive steps to properly manage the assets will help you avoid any pitfalls, suspicion from beneficiaries and probate litigation.

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