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Powers of attorney or a living will, how are they different?

When going through the estate planning process, Michigan residents may come upon a number of documents that seem to serve the same purpose. However, each document is different and created for very specific reasons. Failing to utilize the various legal documents can leave one unprotected. Powers of attorney and living wills are great examples of this. Many believe they do the same thing, but in all reality they serve separate purposes.

Once granted can powers of attorney be revoked?

It is a difficult decision, naming a person to act as a personal representative to assist with financial matters or in the event one becomes incapacitated. After the choice is made and the legal documents completed, can powers of attorney be revoked if the agent is overstepping or not performing his or her duties appropriately? Thankfully, this is something for which the laws in Michigan and elsewhere do allow.

Assigning financial powers of attorney cannot be overlooked

Preparing an estate plan can feel overwhelming. It is understandable, as one just wants to ensure all his or her bases are covered. The truth is that a lot can be overlooked if one is not careful. One thing that Michigan residents should most certainly not ignore is the assigning of financial powers of attorney.

Why consider powers of attorney?

Planning and preparing for future events can be a daunting task. At the end of the day, planning for everything is impossible. However, ensuring all of one's bases are covered is possible. When it comes to estate planning, in particular, Michigan residents have a lot of things to consider. Powers of attorney, for example, are worth your consideration.

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