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Probate Litigation Archives

Is changing a house deed a good way to avoid probate litigation?

When going through the estate planning process, it is understandable that one would want to do everything possible to help avoid the need for probate when it comes time for the estate to be administered. One way that some Michigan residents may try to prevent their estate from going through probate litigation is by adding a child or other family member to their house deeds. There are pros and cons to doing this, though.

Contesting wills during probate litigation is possible

There are several reasons why one might want to challenge a will in Michigan probate court. Contesting wills during probate litigation is not necessarily the easiest of things to do, but under the right circumstances and with the right help, it is possible to achieve positive results. This is something that a probate attorney can assist with if one feels that it needs to be pursued.

Michigan probate litigation: Creditor claims

When closing out an estate, there are certain obligations to creditors that the executor must handle. During probate litigation, creditors have the right to file claims against the estate in an effort to collect on any debts owed by the deceased. This week's column will address Michigan laws regarding such creditor claims.

What are Michigan laws regarding probate litigation?

The administering of a loved one's estate can be a confusing thing, especially if probate is necessary. While the thought of probate litigation can be somewhat frightening, it usually only feels that way because people do not fully understand its purpose or how it works. To help ease some fears, this week's column will address Michigan probate laws.

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