2 people accused of fleeing in stolen car

On Sept. 29, two people in Michigan were accused of leading police on a brief car chase in a stolen vehicle. Police officers in Battle Creek say that they noticed a stolen car near I-94 and Capital Avenue SW at about 6:30 p.m. The Battle Creek Police Department believed that the car was one that had been stolen from an 84-year-old Battle Creek resident on Sept. 26.

After spotting the allegedly stolen vehicle, police officers tried unsuccessfully to get the driver to pull over. They were then led on a short car chase before the two occupants of the vehicle tried to flee the scene on foot. Police caught up with the two people and held them in custody at the Calhoun County Jail. It is unclear if the two accused people had any prior theft charges on their records.

The two accused people were booked on several felony charges as a result of the incident. Police say that the vehicle involved in the chase was the same vehicle that had been stolen from a residence on Wenworth Avenue a few days prior. The residence had also been burglarized. After the accused people were taken into custody, authorities returned the vehicle back to its owner.

People who have been charged with car theft may be able to argue that they purchased a vehicle from another party and that they were unaware that the vehicle had been stolen. A criminal defense attorney may be able help gather evidence for this type of defense or help a defendant to negotiate a plea deal.

Source: Wood TV, " BCPD officers chase suspects in car theft," Sept. 29, 2015