A Good Criminal Defense: Getting Your Charges Dismissed

A good criminal defense attorney contemplates getting charges dismissed. Every client wants to get their case dismissed. And it happens, just not as often as clients think or for the reason they think. Most cases are dismissed for procedural or administrative reasons due to state law, insufficient evidence or witnesses failing to show up to Court. This does not mean the attorney did not work very hard to obtain the dismissal, but neither does it mean that their was a "breakthrough" in the case.

Their are certain laws in Michigan that provide for the dismissal or expungement of charges after successful completion of a probationary term. These laws give an opportunity to have a criminal charge dismissed for youthful offenders, first time minor drug offenses, first time domestic violence offenders, and a law that allows the Court to delay a sentence because the Court finds that the person is not likely to engage in further criminal behavior and because public well being does not require the penalty the law imposes. These laws are excellent tools in a criminal defense attorney's tool box.

The first time drug and domestic violence laws speak for themselves, and the delayed sentenced is often utilized for minor misdemeanor offenses, but can be requested for more serious matters. The youthful trainee status is a great tool to utilize for a younger offender, even if the individual has already taken advantage of the other laws. These laws truly give an individual an opportunity to prove that their criminal behavior was an isolated incident and will never happen again (and may give a younger individual more than one opportunity to keep a conviction off of their public record).

Anytime you are charged with a crime, even if you believe the case will be dismissed or the police tell you that you qualify for a dismissal, you should always excercise your right to remain silent and contact an attorney immediately. An experienced attorney like those at the Law Offices of Nickolas Daniels & Associates will be able to determine whether or not you qualify for a dismissal under one of Michigan's Laws and present you in the best manner so that the Court and victims agree to using one of these laws.