Actor Orlando Brown faces battery and drug charges

Michigan residents who are fans of the Walt Disney show, That's So Raven, may be interested in a recent report involving Orlando Brown, the show's former actor who played the character Eddie Thomas. According to the report, law enforcement officials took the actor into custody on allegations of resisting arrest, drug possession and battery. The incident occurred Jan. 17 in Los Angeles, California.

Torrance police officers detained the 28-year-old actor after he had allegedly struck his girlfriend. In addition to the charges of battery and resisting arrest, Brown was charged with possessing drug paraphernalia and methamphetamine.

Although the battery and resisting arrest charges are misdemeanor charges, the drug-related counts are considered felony charges. Brown has claimed that he is innocent of the charges, and he has posted several pictures and videos on Instagram in which he relayed his love for his girlfriend. The date for his hearing is March 8, as reported.

Individuals facing domestic assault charges in Michigan may be penalized if found guilty of the charges. For example, first offenders found guilty of domestic violence charges may be penalized with either 93 days in jail or a maximum fine of $500. For second-time offenders, the possible jail time is increased to one year and fines go up to a $1,000. In regards to third-time offenders, the jail sentence is doubled while fines jump to $2,500. Because a person can be accused of assault or battery charges based on little evidence, the allegations can easily be falsified. Under these circumstances, a defendant may wish to consult a local criminal defense attorney who might be able to offer an effective defense that could result in those charges being cleared.

Source: CNN, "Former Disney Actor Orlando Brown Arrested on Assault Charge", Remi Merhi, Feb. 19, 2016