Allegedly drunk woman films herself driving

Michigan residents may have seen the news reports about a recent incident that took place in Florida. According to reports, a woman in Lakeland filmed herself with a cellphone app while allegedly driving drunk.

The incident happened on Oct. 10. Reportedly, the woman taped herself and streamed the video live via a social media app called Periscope. Viewers sent the woman messages asking her to stop driving, but she didn't. Several people who were watching the stream called the police. One caller was able to tell the officers that the woman appeared to be driving a Toyota. The caller reportedly stated that she was streaming the video live via Periscope.

One of the officers was reportedly able to download the app and set up his own personal account. He then used it to track the woman's location by spotting landmarks she passed. As the woman was pulled over, she reportedly hit a curb. The police also stated that her tire was flat. On the video, the woman can be heard stating several times that she was drunk and did not know where she was driving. She refused roadside testing and was taken into custody after officers said they could smell alcohol on her breath.

Drunk driving is treated harshly in Michigan. People who are convicted may face time in jail, fines and other penalties. Those who are charged with driving under the influence may want to consult with a criminal defense lawyer who might help by negotiating a plea agreement that would provide for an alternative sentence in lieu of incarceration. They might also spot issues with how the stop was made or how the testing was performed and file evidentiary motions challenging the admissibility of evidence.

Source: USA Today, " Woman live-streams herself while 'drunk' driving," Oct. 13, 2015.