Arrests made after police raid alleged meth lab

Two Michigan women were arrested and charged by police with manufacturing methamphetamine after officers raided their Kalamazoo home on the evening of January 6. In addition to seven adults present at the residence during the raid, officers also found a minor child inside the home.

Investigators with the Kalamazoo Valley Enforcement Team initially began looking into the activities allegedly occurring at the residence located along the 900 block of East Stockbridge Avenue after receiving reports of possible drug dealing. When police officers entered the home at approximately 8 p.m. they began searching the location for occupants and evidence of drug activity. During their search of the residence for evidence, officers claimed to have discovered 21 one-pot meth labs, most of which were found in the kitchen inside a freezer. The officers also reportedly discovered marijuana, a firearm and finished amounts methamphetamine, as well as meth manufacturing paraphernalia and precursors inside the home.

Investigators are charging two of the adult occupants, a 25-year-old woman and a 26-year-old woman, with several criminal offenses including the manufacture of methamphetamine. The young girl present at the residence when officers made entry was identified as the daughter of the 26-year-old woman taken into custody by police. Furthermore, as the police entry team was initially entering the home, a male was reportedly observed fleeing from the location.

An arrest or conviction for drug crimes in Michigan may result in serious consequences that can have a lasting impact. Those who are facing serious drug charges, such as for the manufacture of methamphetamine, may benefit from the services of a criminal defense attorney who may be able to challenge the procedures taken during the arrest or negotiate for reduced charges.

Source: FOX 17, "Suspects facing charges after meth bust", Marie Catallo, Jan. 7, 2015