Chase employees accused of ATM fraud

Michigan residents may be interested in a story about two bankers in New York who were accused of stealing funds from elderly and deceased bank account holders. The accused bankers, who both worked at a Brooklyn branch of Chase bank, allegedly stole more than $400,000 over a period of two years.

The men's theft charges derived from an alleged scheme in which fake ATM cards were created for 15 different bank accounts with high balances. Seven of the accounts were owned by elderly people, and eight of the accounts were owned by people who had died. According to prosecutors, the two accused men made ATM withdrawals and gave themselves powers of attorney so that they could make cash withdrawals through a teller. Prosecutors say that one of the bank accounts was emptied completely during the scam.

Other employees at JP Morgan Chase have been accused of fraud in separate cases recently. A financial adviser at Chase was accused of stealing $20 million, and another employee was accused of selling Social Security information and other confidential customer data to an undercover officer.

A person who has been accused of obtaining personal data and using it to commit financial fraud may want to seek the advice of a criminal defense attorney. In many cases, people accused of fraud are investigated for a long time before any charges are filed against them. An attorney may want to take over the handling of communications with authorities. If the charges are filed, an attorney may argue that the defendant did not have the intent to commit any fraudulent acts.

Source: Time, " Chase Employees Charged With Creating Fake ATM Cards to Steal From Accounts," Ethan Wolff-Mann, Dec. 29, 2015