Child care worker accused of prescription drug fraud

Michigan residents might be interested to learn about a day care provider in Minnesota who is facing criminal charges for drug possession and fraud. In February, the woman allegedly attempted to use the same prescription for tramadol at multiple pharmacies. The accused woman was a co-owner of Little Sprouts Daycare but is no longer part of the facility.

According to reports, the woman suffered from migraine headaches that she took tramadol for. After obtaining a prescription for the painkiller, she allegedly brought the same prescription to six different pharmacies in an attempt to get 40 pills each time. She received drug charges after her activities were detected by the Minnesota Pharmacy Board's prescription monitoring program. The woman's attorney has stated that the defendant's actions were related to pain management.

The prescription monitoring program in Minnesota was launched due to a reported increase in prescription painkiller abuse. The statewide database collects information from 7,000 pharmacies. Before the accused woman received her charges, a pharmacist had told police that the woman's activities were suspicious. When the database was checked, investigators found out about the woman's multiple trips to different pharmacies.

A person who is in a similar situation may be able to receive reduced charges by agreeing to check into a drug treatment facility. An attorney may be able to help a defendant who is facing drug charges to present evidence that their actions were motivated by a chemical dependency that they could not control. A defendant might also argue that a doctor contributed to the development of their addiction.

Source: ABC, " Washington County Daycare Provider Charged with Fraud, Drug Possession," Beth McDonough, June 24, 2015