"Chumlee" from "Pawn Stars" facing criminal charges

Many people in Michigan watch the History Channel program "Pawn Stars." Austin Russell, nicknamed "Chumlee", was recently charged with possession of drugs and possession of a weapon as a prohibited person in Las Vegas.

According to law enforcement officers with the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department, officers went to Mr. Russell's home to serve a search warrant in a sexual assault case. During their search, they allegedly found a gun, methamphetamine and marijuana. Mr. Russell was taken into custody and booked into the Clark County Detention Center. He has not posted bond.

The incident happened on March 15. Mr. Russell has not been charged in relation to the sexual assault investigation, but law enforcement officers stated their investigation into that matter is continuing. It is unclear whether or not bond has been set for Mr. Russell. Mr. Russell is one of the stars of "Pawn Stars" and has regularly appeared on the show since its inception in 2009. Filming for the 12th season was completed in February. The History Channel had no comment about his criminal charges.

A person facing drug charges may want to obtain the assistance of an attorney in order to start constructing a defense strategy as soon as they have been issued. Criminal defense attorneys are sometimes able to secure a plea agreement with the prosecutor in order to limit their clients' exposure to prison time. In some cases, they may see a constitutional problem with the way in which a search was conducted. If a challenge is successful, it could likely result in the drugs that were seized being deemed inadmissable as evidence at the trial.

Source: Deadline Hollywood, " 'Pawn Stars' regular Austin 'Chumlee' Russell arrested on gun & drug charges," Erik Pedersen, March 9, 2016