Concealed carry in Michigan

While people are able to carry a concealed pistol in Michigan, they must first apply and be approved before doing so. Those who fail to apply for and receive a concealed carry permit may end up facing criminal weapons charges.

According to the Michigan State Police, people who are interested in obtaining their concealed carry permits may pick up free application kits from county clerks, local police departments or county sheriff's offices. The application kit contains several items, including the written instructions, application form, the appeals process and information about approved pistol safety training agencies.

Prior to submitting the application, people must complete a pistol training safety course. They must also submit their fingerprints taken either at their local sheriff's office or at an approved vendor. The cost is normally $15 for fingerprinting fees. The person then can submit their application, along with $105, a certificate of completion for the training course and a receipt for the fingerprints. The application will then be sent by the county clerk to the state for processing, and the sheriff or the police department will forward the fingerprints. The state will perform a background check in order to determine whether it will approve or deny the person's application. If it is denied, the person may then appeal the decision.

People need to make certain that they receive the required permit prior to carrying around a concealed weapon. If they fail to obtain one, they may end up facing weapons charges. Those who are charged with carrying a concealed weapon without a permit may want to seek help from a criminal defense attorney. An attorney might review the evidence to determine if the search was constitutional. If it was not, the attorney may file a motion to suppress the evidence.