Driving under the influence of marijuana

Michigan residents may be interested in the findings of a new study released by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. These findings suggest that drivers who are under the influence of marijuana may be at a lower crash risk than those under the influence of alcohol. The study suggests that it is more difficult to determine if a driver is impaired simply by measuring the amount of THC in his or her system.

When a person consumes alcohol before driving, research has long shown that the amount of alcohol in his or her system plays a direct role in driver impairment. In fact, a report issued by the Chicago Times claims that it is difficult to predict the body will take in and get rid of any psychoactive drug because they are made from complex molecules.

A driver who is found to have a blood alcohol content that is higher than the legal limit will likely be charged with DUI. Those who are charged with drunk driving may wish to seek the help of an attorney as soon as possible. An attorney may be able to create a defense or multiple defenses to the charge in an effort to help a driver avoid some or all penalties related to the charge.

It may be possible to argue that the driver was not over the legal limit when a blood or breath test was taken. An attorney may also argue that the chain of custody was broken while handling any evidence used to bring the charge against the defendant. This may lead to a plea bargain or to the complete dismissal of the drunk driving charge. If the charge is dropped or reduced, it may be possible to avoid jail time, a fine or a license suspension.

Source: Uncover Michigan, "NHTSA study shows stones drivers have lower crash risk than drunk drivers", Paul Gardner, Feb. 16, 2015