Elderly woman facing federal drug charges

There were federal drug charges brought against an 84-year-old woman and her associates who ran a pain management clinic on the edge of the Ann Arbor and Ypsilanti border. It’s claimed these individuals schemed to provide "the false appearance of a legitimate medical practice" while selling "medically unnecessary prescriptions."

It’s alleged that these individuals sold fentanyl, oxycodone, methadone and certain controlled substances. The claimed conspiracy also involved an office manager and three licensed physicians. Supposedly the operation was a cash only basis without the involvement of taking any medical insurance payments. Each patient reportedly was charged $250 for each visit – regardless of the time spent with the doctor or the reason for the consultation. Authorities claim this involved no medical purpose as visits had no aim of diagnosing or healing any condition.

There was an execution of a search warrant at the clinic in question. Certain defendants, including the 84-year-old woman, obtained unsecured bonds in the amount of $10,000. Importantly, a conviction in the indictment could mean 20 years imprisonment and a $1 million fine.

Because the consequences of drug crime allegations are so severe, experienced criminal defense representation is required to make certain the entire process is fair. Witnesses need to be cross-examined and evidence closely scrutinized.

These so far are only allegations of a crime rather than the obtaining of any conviction. We need to base convictions upon real evidence and reliable testimony. It’s the duty of our law enforcement system to first prove a crime has occurred before any sentence is given.

Source: The Detroit News, " Woman, 84, faces federal drug charges in scheme," Mark Hicks, March 20, 2015