Father who took daughter's phone found not guilty

Many Michigan parents want to take away their children's cellphone when they misbehave. However, one Texas father was cited in 2013 by authorities after he confiscated his 12-year-old daughter's phone when he found a rude message on it. He ultimately went to jail after being charged with misdemeanor theft.

The father's theft case finally made it to court in early 2016. After the daughter, now 15, testified, the judge ruled that he was not guilty based on a lack of evidence. Had he been found guilty, he would have a Class B misdemeanor on his record, would be sentenced to six months in prison and would be required to pay a $2,000 fine.

The child's mother stated that she was not happy with the verdict as she bought the phone and paid the bills. Due to the incident, the mother and father were no longer together and the father no longer had a healthy relationship with the daughter.

Even misdemeanor theft charges can have very serious consequences if the person is found guilty. In addition to a jail sentence and fines, theft convictions can prevent the person's ability to obtain a job in the future. Depending on the situation, an attorney may potentially use certain defense strategies to try and get the case dismissed. For example, the accused person may establish ownership of the property they were accused of stealing. In these situations, receipts and other documentation may work. If the person returns the property as they were just borrowing it. If the item was indeed stolen but the accused person returns the item, the consequences may be less severe.

Source: The Huffington Post, " Dad Charged With Theft After Confiscating Daughter's Cell Phone", Yagana Shah, 01/28/2016