High school coach accused of drug possession, DUI

On Oct. 3, authorities reported that police recently took a Michigan high school varsity sports coach into custody after he was allegedly driving while intoxicated and in possession of a controlled substance. The originating incident reportedly occurred near the intersection of 21 Mile Road and Card Road in Macomb Township at approximately 3 a.m.

After observing the coach's vehicle swerving on the road, law enforcement officials conducted a traffic stop. Officials subsequently administered field sobriety tests to the coach as well as a breath test. According to officials, the man's blood alcohol content level exceeded the legal limit of .08 percent. Officials then searched the coach and allegedly recovered 56 hydrocodone pills for which the coach had no prescription. He purportedly told officials that the pills belonged to his wife. According to the school for which the coach worked, teaching business and social studies besides coaching athletics, the coach is still employed but on leave and not actively working in any capacity.

As this case indicates, DUI and drug charges alone may have consequences that affect an individual's personal and professional life, especially if that person works around children. If convicted, individuals accused of impaired driving and drug possession may face even more severe ramifications, including incarceration, costly fines and probation. However, all accused individuals are innocent until proven guilty and possess the right to mount a defense against the criminal charges.

Toward this end, it is critical for accused individuals to retain a criminal defense attorney. Even if the prosecution's case appears substantial and unassailable, the defense lawyer may negotiate with prosecutors for reduced charges or mitigated penalties.

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