Lamar Odom won't be charged with drug use

Michigan residents may be interested to know that it has been reported that former NBA player Lamar Odom will not face drug charges in Nevada. In October, Odom was found unresponsive in a brothel after allegedly using cocaine. Although authorities wanted Odom to be charged with a count of unlawful use of cocaine, there was insufficient evidence to charge him, according to the district attorney of Nye County.

Authorities said that the cocaine had already metabolized, which meant that it couldn't be proven when and where he had actually used the drug. Odom had been recovering in a Southern California hospital until recently when he was transferred to a private care facility. Reports indicate that he is still suffering from memory loss and having a hard time walking on his own.

Individuals who are charged with drug possession or any other type of drug related crime could face significant penalties. A conviction may result in lengthy incarceration, steep penalties and subsequent probation.

As a result, those who are in this position may find it advisable to obtain the representation of a criminal defense attorney so that an appropriate strategy can be built. One argument could be that the defendant had been misled about what he or she was using when taking a drug or that it had been taken by accident. If a substance had been baked into a cookie or brownie, a defendant could have ingested it without knowing. If the evidence is strong, however, and if the defendant has no past criminal record, the attorney could enter into an agreement with the prosecutor that could provide for a plea of guilty in exchange for the defendant being required to attend a drug diversion program in lieu of harsher penalties.