Man accused of wrapping meth in parole officer's card

A 45-year-old man in Michigan was taken into custody for meth possession on Feb. 8. At the time of the incident, the accused man was reportedly out on parole for a separate incident. Sheriff's deputies say that the meth they found was wrapped in a business card for the parole officer who had been assigned to the accused man's case.

Originally, Van Buren County Sheriff's Deputies had gone to a residence in Hartford with the intention of taking a 48-year-old man into custody for an outstanding warrant. After deputies detained the first man, they approached the 45-year-old man and determined that he had meth. He was taken into custody for a parole violation, and he could face additional charges for drug possession and maintaining a drug house.

After the two men were detained, deputies obtained a search warrant for the Michigan Avenue residence and discovered several items of interest. Along with methamphetamine, deputies seized unknown quantities of marijuana, Norco and morphine. A digital scale, other alleged drug paraphernalia and cash totaling $600 was also found during the search. There were no reports about the nature of the parolee's prior convictions.

A person facing drug charges after this kind of search and seizure may want to speak with a criminal defense attorney about the details of the incident. After looking into the case thoroughly, an attorney may be able to find some evidence that proves authorities acted outside of their legal boundaries. If a search is found to have been unlawful, the evidence that was seized may not be admissible in court.

Source:, "Police: Meth found wrapped in parole officer's business card, parolee arrested in Van Buren County", Aaron Mueller, Feb. 9, 2015