Man facing felony drug counts after man dies at his home

On the evening of Sept. 30, a Michigan man was taken into custody at his home for allegedly selling opiates in Weidman. The 64-year-old man was detained by troopers from the Mount Pleasant Post and transported to the Isabella County Jail without incident. The troopers had a nine-count felony warrant for drug charges that included delivery of a controlled substance.

The warrant used against the accused man was reportedly obtained after an investigation that took several months to complete. In January, a 41-year-old Weidman man reportedly died of a drug overdose at the accused man's home. Following the death, authorities in the area began an investigation and allegedly found evidence that the accused man was providing opiates to multiple individuals in the Weidman area.

The man was arraigned the day after he was booked into jail for the nine-count felony warrant. He was given the option of posting a $90,000 bond. It is unclear whether the man posted bond or how he is expected to plead to his charges.

People who are accused of selling drugs to a person who died from an overdose can sometimes face enhanced charges. An individual who is being accused of delivering controlled substances that may have led to a death should consult an attorney about how to plead. If the defendant is facing several drug charges, an attorney may be able to negotiate for a plea deal in an effort to have some of the charges dropped. In some cases, an attorney can argue that the evidence collected during the investigation was obtained unlawfully.

Source: MLive, " Man faces drug charges after second man dies in Isabella County," Heather Jordan, Oct. 6, 2015