Michigan brass knuckle laws

Often used in World War I and World War II, brass knuckles were attached to the end of a sword to be used for both offensive and defensive purposes. In many states, brass knuckles are considered to be a dangerous weapon, and carrying them is illegal. However, some people have tried to circumvent the law by wearing them as necklaces. The effectiveness of such a tactic depends on specific state laws.

In Michigan, it is illegal to possess, sell or offer to sell metallic knuckles. A violation is considered a felony that is punishable by up to five years imprisonment as well as a maximum fine of $2,500. In some cases, those who are found to be manufacturing, selling or possessing these instruments are not in violation of the law, such as those who have a federal license to do so. In some other states, possessors are often charged with a misdemeanor, although those who use them to commit a crime could face an additional felony charge.

Brass knuckles illegal due to their ability to cause serious injury or death. It is possible to cause broken bones, cuts or even concussions by striking someone with such a weapon.

Anyone who is charged with using brass knuckles or a similar weapon to commit a crime could face serious criminal charges. It may be possible to spend time in prison, be put on probation or be required to perform community service. An attorney may be able to review the charges against an individual and create a defense strategy based upon the particular set of circumstances. For example, it may be possible to claim that the weapon was used as a method of self-defense.