Michigan man and woman face heavy sentences for meth equipment

A routine traffic stop reportedly resulted in the arrest of a man and woman. After the traffic stop for failing to wear a seat belt, Michigan State Troopers followed up late at night and detained the 28-year-old man and 26-year-old pregnant woman at their residence in Coldwater.

According to the state trooper report, the couple faces multiple charges for possession of meth lab components after troopers found at their home a coffee filter with traces of meth and other unspecified meth lab components. The man was also in possession of marijuana. This is the second instance that meth-related charges have been placed against the man. He could face two maximum sentences of 40 years and 20 years.

The woman was also charged with possession of meth equipment that could lead to 20 years in prison. The man was targeted by authorities after the traffic stop because he allegedly had an outstanding warrant in Calhoun County that resulted from missing a drug test ordered by the drug court.

People in situations like this might benefit from seeking legal representation to defend them in court from numerous drug charges. Drug crimes typically carry heavy sentencing guidelines, but a lawyer might be able to negotiate with a prosecutor for reduced charges. A lawyer might examine the evidence in situations like this and point out that a few meth lab components do not automatically indicate drug trafficking. The possibility of a person's addiction might also help a lawyer gain leniency in sentencing. Although serious consequences come with drug offenses, a strong defense might be able to obtain a less punitive outcome.

Source: The Daily Reporter, Couple found with meth components, Don Reid , Jan. 16, 2015