Michigan man detained for gas station robbery

A Speedway gas station in Michigan was robbed twice in 10 days. A 27-year-old Flint man accused of one of the robberies was taken into custody, but police continue to look for another 6-foot tall man who allegedly committed the other robbery.

Police said they apprehended one of the suspects about two miles from the gas station. When police found him, he was said to be operating a stolen vehicle. He was arraigned for one count of concealing a stolen vehicle and another count for armed robbery. He allegedly held up the gas station at 1466 East Bristol Road.

Detained in the Genesee County Jail, the alleged robber had two cash/surety bonds placed on him. A $10,000 one is for the car theft, and a heftier $50,000 bond resulted from the armed robbery charge.

A person charged with crimes has the right to consult with an attorney regarding his or her defense. Depending on the specific situation, a criminal defense attorney might be able to help someone facing theft charges in a number of ways. Initially, an attorney might look at the evidence against the client to see if it is open to challenge; it might not be strong enough to gain a conviction. If that is the case, the attorney might be able to argue that charges should be dropped. Even if that is not a viable option, an attorney might still be able to negotiate a plea bargain. Sometimes in exchange for a guilty plea, an attorney can convince a prosecutor to offer a lenient sentence.

Source: M Live, " Flint man faces charges in armed robbery at Burton gas station", Roberto Acosta, March 5, 2015