Michigan man faces charges over woman's overdose death

A Michigan man has been arrested on drug charges stemming from the overdose death of a woman in late 2015. The arrest was the culmination of a three-month investigation by the Michigan State Police, the Tuscola County Sheriff's Department and the Thumb Narcotics Unit.

The defendant, a 28-year-old Vassar resident, was taken into custody on Feb. 10. He is suspected of supplying the heroin that led to the death of a 29-year-old Unionville woman, who died in the village of Reese in November 2015. He is charged with delivery of a controlled substance causing death, possession of heroin less than 25 grams, possession with the intent to deliver heroin less than 50 grams and conspiracy to possess with intent to deliver heroin less than 50 grams.

The defendant was arraigned on Feb. 11 and was placed in the Tuscola County Jail on a $350,000 cash or surety bond. He faces up to life behind bars if convicted.

Michigan imposes harsh penalties, including heavy fines and lengthy prison terms, on those convicted of drug crimes. In addition to criminal penalties, defendants may face social stigma, which could cause the loss of educational and employment opportunities. However, a defendant may be able to help their situation by retaining a criminal defense attorney to represent their interests in court. An attorney could protect a client's rights during interrogation, making sure he or she says nothing that could be used against them in court. Legal counsel could also carefully scrutinize evidence for details that counter or cast doubt on the prosecution's version of events. Even if the case against a defendant is strong, an attorney could negotiate with prosecutors for a plea bargain that reduces the charges.

Source: MLive.com, " Vassar Man Charged After Michigan Woman Dies of Drug Overdose," Caleb William Hills, Feb. 11, 2016