Michigan man on lawn mower charged with drunk driving

Law enforcement officials reportedly took a 36-year-old man into custody on Oct. 25 on suspicion of driving under the influence of alcohol in Van Buren County. Officials allege that the man was impaired while driving a lawn mower in Antwerp Township.

According to a police report, deputies made contact with the man, who was operating a John Deere lawn mower, at approximately 9 p.m. on Country Road 657 in the vicinity of 60th Avenue. Deputies claim that the lawn mower was pulled over for a number of traffic violations.

Once deputies made contact with the 36-year-old man, they claim that they observed clear indications that the man was intoxicated. Reportedly, the man had fitted flashlights to the front of the machine to provide illumination. However, police say that the flashlights were not up to the task, and a vehicle trailing the lawn mower nearly collided with it.

The 36-year-old man faces arraignment on drunk driving charges. Purportedly, the 36-year-old man has multiple drunk-driving convictions on his record.

Motorists in Michigan may face severe penalties if convicted on charges of drunk driving, and these penalties may increase in severity if the offenders have a history of drunk-driving convictions. However, all accused drivers are innocent until proven guilty and possess the right to defend themselves against the criminal charges with the counsel of a criminal defense attorney. Oftentimes, a drunk-driving case hinges upon the results of toxicology tests, which are used to establish a driver's blood alcohol content level, and these test results may be challenged by the criminal defense attorney in certain situations. For instance, the equipment employed during a breath test may not function correctly when it is not properly maintained, and even blood test results can be misleading when the sample used was not handled according to strict protocols.

Source: FOX 17, " Man on a John Deere lawn mower arrested for drunk driving", Brody Carter, October 25, 2014