Michigan teen sees 2 felony counts dropped, still faces 1

A Flint teenager is facing a felony charge of allegedly being an accessory after the fact in connection with a fatal shooting back in June. His situation could have been significantly worse and the fact that it isn't should serve as a reminder that anyone facing criminal charges should enlist the help of experienced legal counsel.

According to news reports, the 18-year-old male had been facing a first-degree murder charge and a felony firearms charge in the case, but a Flint District judge dismissed those charges this week after a witness testified at a preliminary hearing that another 23-year-old male was responsible for the shooting.

Prosecutors had attempted to charge the teen suspect with aiding and abetting in the crime. The accusation reportedly was based on the claim that the teen had exchanged words with the purported gunman just before the shooting. But witnesses were unable to corroborate what might have been said and, lacking evidence, the judge dismissed the charge.

If it had been allowed to stand and he was found guilty, he could have been faced penalties for those crimes.

The events that led to the charges took place June 29. According to police, the male victim was standing outside a vacant house when he was shot multiple times.

During the preliminary hearing, a female witness testified that the victim, the suspects and a several other people had been in the vacant house and that words were exchanged. The shooting outside followed, with one of the suspects opening fire.

No future court dates have been scheduled for either defendant.

Source: Mlive, " Murder charge dismissed against Flint teen accused in killing at vacant house," Gary Ridley, Aug. 28, 2014