NBA Hawks forward hit with felony drug charges

NBA fans in Michigan may be wondering what the 2015-16 professional basketball season will bring for the Atlanta Hawks after the arrest of forward Mike Scott, 27, for felony possession of marijuana and a Schedule 1 drug. He was arrested during a traffic stop while a passenger in his brother's car. According to police, they initiated the stop because the vehicle was tailgating another car.

Authorities reported that the vehicle Scott was riding in did not immediately pull over. The driver allegedly continued on Interstate 85 in Atlanta for over two miles before stopping. He allegedly drove at approximately 98 mph during the brief police pursuit.

Inside the vehicle, police claimed to find an ounce of marijuana and 10.9 grams of MDMA. Officials from the Hawks declined to make any comment on the arrest of their backup forward, except to confirm their awareness of the incident. Scott is currently in the middle of a 3-year, $10 million contract with his team. Prior to the arrest, the sports media had predicted that Scott might receive more playing time this season, but now his legal troubles have introduced uncertainty into his career.

Being convicted of drug crimes could negatively impact a person's employment opportunities. Speaking with an attorney before entering a plea in court could allow a person to make an informed decision. A criminal defense attorney could explain the potential penalties and other serious consequences that could result from a conviction. To defend the person, an attorney might challenge evidence. If a search and seizure violated Constitutional rights, then an attorney might get the evidence removed from the case. Charges might then be reduced or even dismissed. Source: HNGN, " Atlanta Hawks NEWS: Mike Scott Arrested For Felony Drug Possession," Mike Woolfson, July 31, 2015