Police charge teen in spaceship model theft

Michigan UFO buffs may be interested to learn that a 17-year-old boy has been taken into custody by police in New Mexico. Authorities believe that he was involved in the March 19 theft of a model spaceship at the UFO Museum in Roswell.

The teenager has been charged with one count of felony conspiracy and one count of felony larceny. He is being held at the Chaves County Juvenile Detention Center. Sources report that the stolen model was damaged in a storm and was being stored behind the main building at the time of the theft. The model was reportedly worth as much as $500.

The incident was captured by surveillance cameras at 3 a.m. on March 19. Police say that three individuals were involved in the theft. While they have yet to uncover information about the other two suspects, they hope that anyone with information about the incident will call them. The model was partially destroyed and abandoned in a ditch when it was recovered a few days after the incident occurred.

When someone is facing theft charges, it can be advisable to have the services of a criminal defense attorney in developing a strategy to combat the charges. It will be necessary to thoroughly review the evidence against a defendant to determine the basis for the allegations involved. Even if it isn't possible to have the charges dismissed, an attorney might nevertheless negotiate with the prosecution to receive a less severe penalty than might otherwise be the case. This can help to minimize the damage that a conviction can produce.