Retail incident leads to drug charges against Michigan couple

A 25-year-old man and a 19-year-old woman were detained on July 9 at a retail store in Union Township as employees suspected their theft of various items. Loss prevention staff members held the couple while waiting for police to arrive, at which time the man reportedly attempted to flee the scene. However, he was quickly apprehended. After reportedly securing permission to search the couple's vehicle, officials reported finding methamphetamine. Additionally, they indicated that there were ingredients in the vehicle that are used in the production of the drug.

As a result of the deputies' findings, the couple now faces drug and theft charges, including possession of methamphetamine, manufacture of methamphetamine and retail fraud. The man faces charges of obstruction of an official as well. Bond has been set for both parties.

Those who have been accused of illegal activity in a retail setting might seek legal counsel to ensure that their civil rights are upheld. In meeting with a lawyer, a defendant might recount details of an interview, searches and formal detention activities. In some cases, officials can violate a party's rights by conducting an interview without providing access to legal counsel or without informing that person of their right to retain a lawyer. Search and seizure violations can also occur if proper permission has not been obtained.

An accusation does not mean that a defendant is guilty, and the right to a lawyer may be important for mounting an effective defense against charges. In some cases, strong evidence may suggest that a conviction is likely, but a defendant still has the right to go to trial. A lawyer may make help in negotiating a plea deal if a defendant would prefer to avoid a trial.

Source: MLive, "Wal-Mart theft leads police to meth in Michigan couple's car, police say", Brad Devereaux, July 11, 2015