Senator pleads guilty after shooting ex-wife's vehicle

On Feb. 11, it was reported that Michigan Sen. Virgil Smith pleaded guilty to charges of malicious destruction of property for an incident that occurred in May 2015. Smith was accused of firing a weapon at his ex-wife's vehicle after she caught him sleeping with another woman.

During the hearing, Smith's ex-wife stated that she went to his home. After he let her inside, she found a woman naked in his bed. A fight ensued, during which Smith punched her and shoved her into the floor. As she was attempting to leave the house, she claimed that she hit her face when she fell over the railing. As she got up, she said that she saw him holding a large gun. He fired several shots into her vehicle as she went next door for help.

Initially, Smith was charged with felonious assault, felony firearm and a misdemeanor charge for domestic violence in addition to malicious destruction of property. However, the other charges were dropped due to the plea deal that was negotiated. Also as part of the plea bargain, Smith will be required to serve a jail sentence and resign from the Senate.

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Source: Click on Detroit, " Michigan Sen. Virgil Smith pleads guilty in shooting of ex-wife's car", Feb. 11, 2016