Theft: The consequences are anything but petty

When it comes to alleged acts of crime, many people understandably posit a certain hierarchy. That is, they may readily distinguish crimes of violence from driving-related offenses. They might have an immediately different reaction to a story involving domestic violence that they do to, say, one involving a white collar offense.

That dichotomy in perception is often clearly on display with theft crimes, which encompass a number of offenses.

Quite often, for example, criminal charges focused on acts like shoplifting, burglary and retail or identity theft are viewed as relatively inconsequential when compared with violence-related charges that can bring lengthy prison terms to convicted offenders. Indeed, the term "petty" is often used in conjunction with theft-related crimes.

In fact, and as regards the potential consequences of a criminal conviction for theft, there is nothing remotely petty about this criminal law category. Indeed, a theft-crime conviction can bring an adverse outcome that negatively affects an individual across a truly broad dimension. Consider, for example, these repercussions:

  • Social stigma attached to a shoplifting or other theft-related charge
  • Potential job loss
  • Curtailment of opportunity to serve in the military
  • Refusal of select schools to consider enrollment application
  • Restricted ability to rent an apartment

In addition to those potential negatives, there is of course the distinct possibility for heavy fines and jail time in a given case.

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