Truck driver detained in Michigan for DWI

Dundee officials took a tractor-trailer driver into custody in early November for allegedly driving under the influence of painkillers. Authorities say that they received reports about a semi-truck swerving several times and nearly hitting a bridge support while traveling north on U.S. Highway 23.

When the 44-year-old driver pulled over in Milan Township, a female officer reportedly asked him to exit the vehicle multiple times, but the man refused. After he finally exited the truck, reports indicated that he acted hostile towards her. When the officer informed the man that he was being detained, she claims that he resisted. A state trooper responded to the traffic stop to offer aid.

Authorities say that the driver was not intoxicated, but his eyes were glassy and his speech was slurred. He told the officer and trooper that he had prescriptions for OxyContin and Xanax, and he reportedly had 28 OxyContin pills on his person. Sources also revealed that the man had been operating a vehicle under a suspended license. The officers say that he did not perform to standard in multiple field sobriety tests. and he was booked into county jail and faces multiple charges including resisting detainment.

People who drive after taking prescription medications could face DWI charges if they are pulled over and police believe that their ability to drive is impaired. However, possession of prescription medication does not necessarily implicate a defendant, and an attorney might argue a lack of substantial proof. If he or she is successful, their client may receive lighter penalties.

Source: Monroe News, " High semi-truck driver arrested in Dundee", November 08, 2014