Woman shot in domestic situation, man faces multiple charges

A man who allegedly shot a woman in a domestic situation on Dec. 24 was detained by law enforcement officials after turning himself in at the Michigan State Police post in the city of Coldwater. According to media sources, the man is now facing multiple charges in connection with the incident, including home invasion, aggravated stalking, possession of a firearm in the commission of a felony and assault with intent to murder. At press time, the charged man is in custody at the Calhoun County Jail.

The incident occurred around midnight inside a home located in the 400 block of West Prospect Street. After receiving a call about a possible domestic violence situation involving a number of hostages and a possible shooting, Marshall police arrived at the site and were able to interview a witness who is believed to have been inside the home when a gun was fired. The witness told police that after the charged man entered the home and began arguing with a female occupant, the sounds of screaming and a possible gunshot were heard. At that point, the witness was able to escape the home and hide until authorities arrived at the scene.

Reports indicate that information provided by the witness enabled police to quickly locate a woman inside the home who had been injured during the altercation. She was subsequently transported to the hospital for treatment. However, the man who was later charged in the case apparently vacated the premises before officers arrived.

In this case, it is not known whether the charged man spoke with legal counsel prior to contacting the police. However, a domestic violence-related conviction can have life-altering consequences, and Michigan residents who find themselves in a situation like this one may want to ask a criminal defense attorney to review the case before making any crucial decisions. If the attorney finds that any of the allegations are fraudulent, an aggressive and creative defense could lead to a beneficial outcome for the client.

Source: WOODTV.com, " Police arrest man after he admits shooting woman", December 24, 2014