Estate planning and avoiding will challenges

Wanting to make the distribution of one's estate after his or her passing as easy as possible is an understandable goal. It is already a difficult time for loved ones -- one that may only be made more challenging when prolonged if a will is contested. There are things Michigan residents can do when going through the estate planning process to help avoid will challenges.

One of the biggest issues with estate plans is that some people fail to update them. If changes happen in one's personal life, whether in regard to health, relationships, financial concerns, property, or anything else -- it is good to make sure one's estate plan reflects those changes. This is particularly true when it comes to beneficiary designations.

Another thing that one can do to help avoid a will contest is to simply be transparent. Talking to loved ones and sharing the details of one's estate plan can help prevent a lot of arguments and negative feelings later. If sharing the finer details is not something one feels comfortable with, simply making sure family is aware that an estate plan exists and where it can be located is always wise. A detailed explanation of why certain things were done can be included in writing with one's legal documents.

When it comes to estate planning, details matter. Will challenges often occur because of missing or outdated details. Michigan residents can turn to an experienced attorney in order to make sure no stone has been left unturned -- so to speak -- and that one's wishes are fully and clearly documented in order to help avoid will contests.

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