Everyone Needs an Estate Plan

Everyone needs an Estate Plan, and here is why.  Everyone knows that there are two certainties in life, death and taxes.  Planning for our death and what will happen after our death is a morbid topic that no one likes to think about or discuss.  But no one lives forever.  So it is critically important that you think about what you want to happen when you pass away, and discuss your wishes with your family and an estate planning attorney.

Ask yourself this, when you pass-away do you want you your loved ones to have to go to Court to obtain your money and property?  Do you want your loved ones to have to pay court fees and possibly hire an attorney?  Do you want your money and property to be used to pay the court and government?  The answer to these questions is NO.  Though taxes are a certainty in life and death, the amount of taxes your estate pays could be greatly impacted if you do not have an Estate Plan.

There is an Estate Plan for everyone, upper class, middle class and lower income families, large families or individuals.  An Estate Plan could be as simple as listing beneficiaries on accounts or could involve a comprehensive Living Trust.  Your assets and where you want them to go will help determine what Estate Planning tools to utilize.

Everyone needs an Estate Plan to avoid the nightmare that is probate court, to get peace of mind, protect your loved ones and get your money and property to the people you choose.