First Time Drunk Driving in Shelby Township and Macomb Township

A first time drunk driving charge is frightening. You were out for dinner, or enjoying time with friends, and had a couple drinks. You felt fine to drive. On your way home, perhaps you swerved, crossed a yellow line or were slightly speeding. Whichever, you were pulled over by the police. You had to perform roadside tests and take a breath test. You were arrested and now are being charged with a DUI.

Drunk driving is a very serious charge in the eyes of the police, prosecutor and Judge.

Drunk driving (or Operating While Intoxicated) is when you drive a vehicle with a .08 blood alcohol content (BAC) or more, or alcohol materially and substantially affects your ability to drive. The legal limit in Michigan is .08 BAC. That means if a breath test shows your BAC is .08 or higher, and you are driving or were observed driving, you will be charged with a DUI.

You can also be charged with a DUI if your BAC is under .08. You can be charged with drunk driving while parked sitting in your vehicle.

First Time Drunk Driving penalties in Shelby Township and Macomb Township

Drunk driving penalties can be severe. However, if this is your first DUI and your BAC was under .016, you will likely find yourself reporting to probation once per month, submitting to random alcohol tests, attending AA or an alcohol education class, performing community service and paying a hefty fine.

It is important to understand that the Judge could put you in jail for 93 days and order you to complete 360 hours of community service. But if you hire an attorney, show up for court, do as your attorney recommends, then it is unlikely jail time or extensive community service will be imposed.

You may also have to reimburse the police, ambulance or fire rescue for their services, and pay money to the Township for any damage to roadway.

Finally, the Michigan Secretary of State will impose license sanctions that will include a suspended license for one month and a restricted license for 5 months. 6 points will also be added to your driving record and you will have to pay the Secretary of State a $2,000 responsibility fee over a two-year period for being an irresponsible driver.

You Need an Attorney for a First Time DUI Charge

You may be thinking that you made a mistake, that you should have waited a little longer before driving home or had one less drink. And that may all be true. But just because you are prepared to admit your guilt to the Judge, doesn't mean you should be so hasty to do so.

Here is why you need to hire an attorney for a first time drunk driving charge:

1. To send a message to the Judge that you are taking the matter very seriously, and making better decisions,

2. To have someone on your side (the Judge and Prosecutor have obligations to the law and state of Michigan - not you!),

3. To reassure yourself that jail is unlikely,

4. To review all the evidence to determine if there is a defense,

5. To try and negotiate a reduced DUI charge, or a non-DUI charge,

6. To mitigate probationary consequences; and

7. To prepare you for court (dress appropriately, where to stand, what to say and not to say, have documents that speak to your character, education, community, employment, family, etc...).

So, do you want to represent yourself or hire someone that knows the law, the court, and the Judge?

You can speak to me, Nick Daniels for free. Call me directly at 586-668-1229 and get prepared to put your DUI charge in the past.