Macomb County DUI - Driver License penalties

Drunk driving driver license consequences are on my mind with every DUI case I handle. In fact, a primary consideration for most drunk driving attorneys is someone's driver's license.

The Michigan Secretary of State imposes driver license penalties, not the Judge

Unfortunately, Judge's don't initially control what happens to your driver's license. That function is handled by the Michigan Secretary of State. This means, you, your attorney, and the Judge have no control over what happens to your driver's license. Perhaps a plea negotiation will result in a reduction of your charge and thus the driver license sanctions will be reduced. Perhaps a Not Guilty verdict will result in no conviction and no driver license sanction. Otherwise, driver license consequences for any DUI conviction are severe and imposed by the Secretary of State.

The law determines your driver license sanction when convicted of a DUI. The Secretary of State then imposes the sanction. If you are convicted of your first drinking and driving offense, the Secretary of State will suspend your driver license for six months. The first 30 days you will not be allowed to drive, but the remaining five months you will be granted a restricted license. Often times when charged with your first drinking and driving charge, you can avoid this 30 day suspension through a favorable plea bargain to a lessor drinking and driving charge, or to a non-drinking and driving charge. Again, the Judge has no say, so the only way to reduce or eliminate a driver license sanction is by negotiating a lesser charge, or being found Not Guilty.

Michigan Driver License Penalties for DUI charges:

Impaired Driving:

90 day restriction. 4 points added to your driving record.

Drunk Driving First Offense:

6 month suspension. 6 points added to your driving record.

Drunk Driving Second Offense (within 7 years of first offense):

1 year revocation of your license. 6 points added to driving record.

Drunk Driving Third Offense (within your lifetime):

1 - 5 year revocation. 6 points added to your driving record.

Super Drunk Driving:

1 year suspension, but after 45 days you may apply for an ignition interlock device. 6 points added to your driving record.

Please keep in mind that additional secretary of state penalties includes: driver responsibility fees, vehicle immobilization, license plate confiscation, vehicle forfeiture, denial of vehicle registration, and ignition interlock device.

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