What is BAC?

BAC is your blood alcohol content. In Michigan, if you operate a motor vehicle when your BAC is .08% or more, then you are operating with an unlawful BAC. What does a blood alcohol content of .08% mean? That there are .08 grams of alcohol for every tenth of a liter of blood in your body.

How to Calculate Your BAC?

Your BAC can be measured in different ways. There are portable devices that you blow into that you can purchase. There are also 'calculators' via a website or App that can be utilized. But these will only give you an estimate. If one of these methods indicates you are under the legal limit, you should still not operate a motor vehicle for a number of reasons:

1. These methods are not completely accurate;

2. Every person's body responds and processes alcohol differently;

3. You don't have to be at or over the legal limit to be charged with a DUI; and

4. You don't want to risk injuring or killing someone.

Police Breath Tests

The police use a portable breath device called a Preliminary Breath Test (PBT). This test is typically administered at the roadside. Once at the police or sheriff's department, you will be given another breath test called the DMT or DataMaster test, or the police may seek a warrant to have a medical professional draw your blood.

Your PBT results are generally not admissible as evidence in court. However, the DMT or DataMaster test is always admissible unless it can be shown that the test was not properly administered, not calibrated and maintained, or simply just not working properly.

Beer vs. Liquor - all drinks are not equal

Know what you are drinking. That means understanding what type, amount, and percentage of alcohol you are consuming. A bottle of beer is different than a glass of wine. A local IPA likely has more alcohol than a generic national brand. A mixed drink could contain multiple shots of liquor. Your unique body, the Alcohol by Volume, and the number and frequency of drinks will ultimately determine your BAC.

Drinking and Driving Consequences

DUI charges are more serious than ever. Society, the media, Judges and the police are cracking down on people who drink and drive. It can only take one drink, and then choosing to drive, to have a significant impact on your life. The law doesn't care how close to home you are, or whether you felt that you could drive.

One or two drinks doesn't sound like much, but it can result in significant consequences. If you drink and drive you risk your:

1. Freedom,

2. Job and financial security (think about that college education or that government job),

3. Your driver's license,

4. You could injure or kill a family member, friend or someone else, and

5. Your own mental and emotional well-being.

Clinton Township DUI Attorney

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