Protecting You In Assault And Battery Charge Cases

Assault, battery, domestic violence and related crimes can be difficult cases to handle. In many situations, the facts of the case rely on two different testimonials without other witnesses who saw the incident. If there are false allegations, it can be difficult to prove, and you need someone working on your team who understands what needs to be proven in your defense case to get a positive result.

At the Law Offices of Nickolas Daniels and Associates, we represent individuals throughout Michigan facing criminal charges, including assault and battery, domestic violence and more. Criminal defense lawyer Nickolas Daniels is highly experienced and respected in the legal community.

The Right Defense In Assault And Battery Cases

A simple fight can turn into something more serious, especially if alcohol is involved. One simple mistake doesn't make you a bad person, and it doesn't mean you need a conviction on your record. There are many defense strategies to pursue, including self-defense. We handle cases involving:

Mr. Daniels is creative in how he develops defense strategies and understands what his clients are up against. When represented by our firm, you have an aggressive advocate on your side.

Domestic Violence Charges

Domestic violence issues are taken seriously in Michigan, and as soon as you face a criminal charge or have a restraining order against you, you need legal representation. If you are convicted, it could affect your ability to return home, see your kids and be granted custody in the event of a divorce or separation. The sooner we can act on your behalf, the faster we can resolve the legal issues of your case.

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