Firearms And Weapons Charges Defense

Gun and weapon charges carry harsh punishments that can have a devastating impact on your life. Punishment includes jail or prison time, probation or parole, fines and costs, confiscation of your firearm and a potential criminal conviction on your public record that will likely make it difficult to obtain employment, loans and college admission. The two most common firearm charges include:

CCW (Carrying A Concealed Weapon)

Firearm charges can result in the loss of your concealed pistol license (CPL). Many people are charged with carrying a concealed weapon because they believe they are lawfully carrying their pistol, hunting rifle or hunting knife. CCW charges may be filed against you for carrying a weapon on your person, in your vehicle or at certain locations.

Except for licensed security or police, Michigan law prohibits possession of a firearm on the following premises:

  • A financial institution or subsidiary or affiliate of a financial institution
  • A church or other house of religious worship
  • A court
  • A theater
  • A sports arena
  • A day care center
  • A hospital
  • An establishment licensed under the Michigan Liquor Control Act

Felony Firearms Charges

A mandatory two-year prison sentence must be imposed in Michigan when possessing a weapon during the commission of another felony. This mandatory prison term increases to five years for a second offense and 10 years for a third offense. These mandatory punishments are in addition to any other penalties imposed by the court.

Other Weapons Offenses

Felon in possession of a firearm(Felony, up to five years in prison)
Discharge from a vehicle(Felony, up to four years in prison)
Possession of a Taser(Felony, up to four years in prison)
Possession of a switchblade(Misdemeanor, up to one year in jail)
Brandishing a firearm in public(Misdemeanor, up to 90 days in jail)

A Macomb County Attorney Driven By Results

If retained to handle your case, the Law Offices of Nickolas Daniels and Associates will work diligently to seek the best possible result for you. We will carefully examine the evidence, make motions to suppress any evidence seized in violation of your constitutional rights and aggressively attack the prosecution's theory of the case. We believe strongly that every person has a right to a dedicated attorney and a zealous defense.