Combating Felony Drunk Driving Charges

Drunk driving is a very common criminal offense. Countless men and women, teenagers and older adults are charged with driving under the influence (DUI/OWI/OWVI) of alcohol or drugs each year. The most serious level of offense is a felony. If you are convicted, you will face very severe consequences.

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What Makes An OWI Charge A Felony?

Drunk driving rises to the level of a felony crime under a variety of conditions. You can be charged with this offense if:

  • This is the third time you have been arrested on suspicion of operating while intoxicated (OWI) or operating while visibly impaired (OWVI).
  • You were suspected of driving drunk or on a suspended license and caused an accident that injured or killed another person.

Why Is A Felony Such A Big Deal?

You may be wondering why a felony charge is any different from a misdemeanor charge. A felony conviction carries increased penalties and has far-reaching implications for your future. A felony conviction of any kind on your record can make it very difficult to gain employment, obtain loans, rent apartments and accomplish other goals.

This is why dedicated and strategic advocacy is so important. You need to fight the charge immediately to protect your future. To learn more, call the Law Offices of Nickolas Daniels and Associates at 586-436-3499 or contact our attorneys online for a free 30-minute consultation.