Trusts Could Meet Your Needs Best

Probate court can be expensive and time-consuming. A judge will make decisions about your estate in a public forum, meaning that your estate will have no privacy.

At the Law Offices of Nickolas Daniels and Associates, our lawyers specialize in drafting trusts to keep your estate out of probate court and to minimize estate tax. We take pride in drafting trusts suited for your specific wishes and needs. Let us help.

Saving Your Assets Through Thoughtful Estate Planning

Ask yourself this. Do you want to pay legal fees, executor fees and other costs before your assets can be distributed? Do you want your loved ones in and out of probate court for up to 12 months, during which time a judge will make decisions, in open court, about your property? To avoid the negative consequences of probate court, you need to immediately contact the Law Offices of Nickolas Daniels and Associates and schedule a free initial consultation.

Dedicated To Meeting Your Wishes And Needs

At the Law Offices of Nickolas Daniels and Associates, our two primary goals when creating a trust are to avoid probate court by getting your property distributed how you want it distributed and to avoid estate tax.

When you create a trust, you transfer assets from your name to your trust, which you control. Thus, there is nothing for the probate court to control when you die or become incapacitated. The concept is simple, and this is what protects your estate from probate court. Keep in mind that during your life, you are the trustee of your trust. Therefore, you can do anything with your property that you could do before creating the trust.

Unfortunately, tragedy, disease and accidents happen without notice. Are you prepared? Contact the Law Offices of Nickolas Daniels and Associates today to start planning. Call 586-436-3499 for a free 30-minute consultation with an attorney. We serve clients in Roseville, Clinton Township and beyond.